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Are you looking for new ideas and inspiration? Check out our other knitwear department. You will there find many interesting materials, such as openwork knitwear, iterlock knitwear or jacquard knitwear.


Openwork knitwear

Openwork knitwear is a very interesting type of fabric, which for many years has been successfully used to create great summer creations, but not only. This material will also work well with freezing frost.


What is openwork knitwear

Openwork knitwear is a very light material made of 100% cotton. It is characterized by smoothness and softness to the touch. The fibers used for its production make the material fully breathable and provide high thermal comfort even at high temperatures. However, what distinguishes the openwork knitted fabric from other thin materials is its production process.

During knitting, eyelets or even whole groups of eyelets are moved to the right or left creating holes in the knit. This solution not only reduces weight, but also improves the breathability of the material and creates fancy designs perfect for the summer.


The use of knitwear

Such a specific form of fabric as openwork knitwear is most often used for sewing:

  • Dresses;
  • Skirts;
  • Jumpers;
  • Caps;
  • Shirt;
  • Summer clothes for children.

Everywhere thanks to its reticulated structure, providing pleasant breathability and lightness even on the hottest days.

This does not mean that openwork knitwear is used only for summer creations. This material can be successfully used as a lining for jackets, jackets or vests, wherever thanks to its breathability it works perfectly, providing a light and soft to the touch inner layer of warmer clothes.


Knitwear Interlock

Interlock knitwear is an interesting fabric that has long been used in many areas of fashion clothing. Now, thanks to the affordable prices and the richly palette of colors in SprzedaszmyTkaniny.pl, you can convince yourself why this material is so popular.


What is characterized knitwear interlock

The knitwear interlock differs significantly from the popular single jersey material. This can be seen above all in the construction. Single jersey is a single-knit fabric, interlock belongs to a two-bearing group. It means that this material is formed on two rows of needles moving alternately. So we have two rows of right eyelets facing each other. This solution makes the fabric look the same on both the right and left sides. However, double-sidedness is not the only advantage of Interlock fabric. Thanks to a special weave it is thicker and stiffer, it does not wrap at the ends. This makes it the perfect material for outerwear.


The use of interlock knitwear

Thanks to its properties, interlock knitwear can be successfully used for sewing:

  • Sweatshirts;
  • Caps;
  • Tunic;
  • Dresses;
  • Jackets;
  • Sweaters;
  • Children's clothes.

Everywhere there double right weave will check perfectly providing heat, and stiffer construction will make the covers made of fabric will be beautifully arranged.


Jacquard knitwear

Jacquard knitwear for an excellent choice when looking for a pleasant to the touch, patterned material, suitable for sweaters, skirts or blouses.

Knitwear Jacquard characteristics

Knitwear Jacquard is an excellent material when we want to combine various patterns with the delicacy and smoothness of the material. In this case, any graphics sewn into the material become its integral part. This means that the material is homogeneous, delicate and with the same structure. This translates into the ease of processing and material compose.

Composition is also very important. Cotton blend with small admixtures of polyester and polyurethane make the fabric lightweight, breathable and at the same time slightly elastic and resistant to creases, which allows it to be used in many different projects.


Where can we use knitwear

Jacquard knitwear can be used to create:

  • Dresses;
  • Shirts;
  • Shorts;
  • Chimneys;
  • Hats and leggings.

Nevertheless, these points do not limit its usefulness. This fabric can be successfully used for sewing covers for pillows, bedspreads or even decorative elements or toys for children. A strong and durable structure and a multitude of jacquard knit color patterns make the only thing that limits us is our imagination.







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